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Meet Truls 

Allow me to introduce Truls, the exceptionally skilled barsjef who leads the way at the acclaimed Pjolterogpunsj in the vibrant city of Stavanger. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Truls is a master of mixology, creating extraordinary drinks that showcase the essence of local ingredients. His expertise in crafting
Akevitt-based cocktails has made Pjolterogpunsj a highly
sought-after establishment, drawing patrons from far and wide.

His extensive knowledge and passion for his profession make him a valued customer for us at Iceofvikings. We take immense pride in providing him with the highest quality, crystal-clear ice to
elevate his already exceptional creations. His discerning palate and attention to detail continually inspire us to refine our ice production techniques.


"Experience the remarkable fusion of local ingredients, Akevitt mastery, and the purest ice in Stavanger" 


As Truls continues to push the boundaries of creativity, we at iceofvikings are honored to support his vision. Our collaboration with such a talented customer fuels our drive for excellence, as we strive to deliver the purest, clearest ice that serves as the perfect canvas for Truls's masterpieces.

So, if you find yourself in Stavanger, make sure to visit Pjolterogpunsj, where Truls and his team will captivate your senses with their expertly crafted cocktails. Experience firsthand the remarkable fusion of local ingredients, Akevitt mastery, and the purest ice, resulting in an unforgettable drinking experience that showcases the true spirit of Stavanger's thriving bar scene.

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Meet Vasek 

Vasek, hailing from the Czech Republic, brings a touch of international flair to the vibrant CinCin bar. His passion for delivering exceptional experiences shines through as he consistently goes above and beyond to provide guests with that extra something special. With a deep understanding of mixology and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Vasek's imaginative and meticulously crafted cocktails have garnered a loyal following.

At Iceofvikings, we deeply admire Vasek's dedication and his ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where guests can savor extraordinary drinks while embracing the joy of shared moments. We wholeheartedly support Vasek and his team as they continue to establish CinCin as an unparalleled destination in Stavanger's thriving bar scene

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Espier Bar

Introducing Espier Bar, the exciting new addition to the scene, where the talented bar manager Claire, with roots in France, and the award-winning barsjef Benjamin, who recently claimed the title of Norway's finest bartender, come together to create an unbeatable team. With their combined expertise, Espier Bar has quickly gained a reputation as a must-visit destination.


Adding to their ranks is the skilled Joacim, a rising star in the industry, whose passion and extensive knowledge bring a fresh perspective to the bar. With a flair for innovation and an insatiable thirst for learning, Joacim contributes to the growing acclaim of Espier Bar as a haven for exceptional mixology.

At Iceofvikings, we hold Claire, Benjamin, and Joacim in high regard as valued customers. Their unwavering commitment to perfection and their willingness to push boundaries align perfectly with our mission to provide the highest quality ice to complement their exquisite creations. We greatly admire their talent, passion, and the significant impact they have made in establishing Espier Bar as a unique and captivating destination in Stavanger's vibrant bar scene. Together, we raise our glasses and cheer for Claire, Benjamin, Joacim, and the entire Espier Bar team as they continue to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Here's to their continued success, as they create unforgettable experiences and set new standards of excellence in the world of mixology. Skål!

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